Extracurricular Activities

Campus Life  – Georgian-American School “Progress” is as busy a place after school as it is during the school day. Our Extracurricular Program brings a host of activities to campus from basketball, soccer, and tennis, to clubs for those interested in chess, drama, knitting, and coding and web design. There are a lot of other fun ways students can get involved with our school and develop their interests. Sunday mathematic school for elementary school students instills an appreciation of the mathematic and logical reasoning.  Our extracurricular programs cater to our students’ wide range of interests throughout the year and bring our community closer together.

Annual events and activities – As a valuable extension of the classroom experience, a number of field trips are undertaken -all of which meet educational objectives of classroom programs. A wide variety of annual activities are held on our campuses each school year, creating fun and excitement on campus for our school community and guests.  Among the favorites are the Integrated Progress Olympics through grades 1-6 in every spring, chess competition, Intellectual club completion, Georgian calligraphy, summer and spring events.